Gotardo and Harriet Foletta

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The Australian branch of the Foletta family was started when Gotardo Foletta migrated to Australia from Switzerland in 1857. He established a dairy farm in the Daylesford area of Victoria, married English girl Harriet Jackson on July 14th 1864 and went on to have 12 children.

Gotardo Foletta came from a village in Switzerland known as Gerra which is situated in the valley Verzasca near Locarno. During a trip to Switzerland in 2000 my wife and I visited the village of Gerra and I am pleased to say that my grandfathers farm was still being operated by the Foletta family.

The family history has been traced back as far as the 1790's when an English soldier named Captain Flett who had been serving in the region, met a local girl and settled in the village of Gerra. Our relatives in Gerra also had the same piece of family history in how the family started so it must be seen as being based in fact. Captain Flett took on the existing local name of Foletta to fit in with the village locals. When we where there our relatives told us that to this day the Foletta's on one side of the valley claim that they are not related to the Foletta's on the other side of the valley. I can only imagine that there would have been many marriages over the generations that have now mingled these two branches of Foletta's into one.

From what we have been able to find out it would seem that Foletta's in any part of the word all derive their origins from this region of Switzerland. References to the Foletta name are recorded as far back as 1550 & 1600 in this region.

Foletta Coat Of Arms

Quoted are sections from the definition supplied by Mr. Rudolf Spitzbarth - Chairman of The Commission for Family Coat of Arms of the Central Committee of the Zurich Guilds. May 29th 1962.

In the upper transverse field of a shield and a red tower with 4 battlements.

In the lower field a gold edged Maltese cross on a silver ground.

Helmet adornment.

Red tower with 4 crenellations on red gold pad.

Helmet surrounds red & gold.

In the representation submitted, depicted in silver and gold, and with the typical crenellations and the tapering arms, it seems quite definitely to be the cross worn on the ribbon of a military decoration. The religious, Christian significance is of course retained even so, though the military aspect is in the forefront, the red ground too symbolizes passion.


The crest bearer is resolved to fight passionately for the ethical values of occidental, Christian culture and intends his House to be a castle in which this fire ( red tower ) is kept alight. The golden ground can just as well symbolize the fiery world in opposition ( according to the laws of heraldry it must be a metal and is not a cold silver but fiery gold ) like the precious golden background behind the protecting red tower. The helmet adornment shows that the crest bearer is determined to assert his opinions in ardent zeal, for he carries the Red Tower into battle on his helmet.


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